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75th Commemorative Publication

75th Commemorative Publication

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Celebrate Fulbright's 75th year with this limited edition Commemorative Publication.

This year we’ve been sharing the stories of our Fulbright alumni through our Fulbright Stories project. More than 350 stories have been shared since the project began, sharing the experiences of Fulbrighters from the U.S. and around the world.

In celebration of our 75th anniversary, we’re releasing this collection of 68 stories, sharing some of our favorite memories shared with us by Fulbrighters. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find within the book’s more than 140 pages:

  • A story about rare Slovenian cave salamanders
  • Peeing on the Berlin Wall
  • A meeting with Mother Teresa
  • The world’s largest meeting of Escaramuzas
  • Preventing international scandal
  • Black markets for weapons
  • Much more!

The hard work, adventures, lives, and journeys of hundreds of people have combined to create this book. We invite you to discover the myriad experiences which have changed Fulbrighters’ lives. Maybe you’ll see something you relate with; we promise that you’ll learn something new.

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